Happy New Year! One of your resolutions should definitely be: “To be more secure online”. Here are some of our favorite inexpensive (sometimes free!) gadgets to make 2020 the safest year ever.

Laptop camera covers

Worried about hackers looking at you through your laptop’s camera? Or maybe you forget that it’s on during online meetings, and have showed up one too many times looking like you just got out of bed. Try these handy sliding laptop camera covers. You slide it open when you’re ready to use it, and slide it closed everytime else.

Free version: Stick a piece of duct tape over your camera.

Dual charging block

Those USB charging ports at airports, hotels, and conferences might be convenient for charging your phone, but plugging your data cable directly into a public USB port makes your data vulnerable to hackers. A charging block allows only power to pass to the phone, so when charging in public, you should always use a charging block to plug directly into a power outlet.

Charging blocks are cheap security. With this set of charging blocks, you can charge two devices at once.

Free version: You probably already have spare charging blocks at home. Put one in your car or purse for emergency charging situations outside the home.

Portable charger

Safer yet is your own portable power. Charge up this portable charger before you leave the house, and you won’t have to worry about charging up on the road.

Have a safe and happy 2020!