Script kiddies are hackers in training. They’re trying out easy hacks to get their feet wet and learn how to execute more dangerous hacks.

Script kiddies are the ones most likely to hack for bragging rights. They’re not interested in money, or in making any kind of point. They might just take over your website’s home page for fun, hack into your computer so they can delete everything.

The primary motivation for a script kiddie is doing something they can show to others. This could include:

  • Replacing your website’s home page with an image of their choosing, like a “You’ve been hacked” picture.
  • Sending out phishing emails that install a harmless but annoying virus.
  • Hacking your data over a public network, like at a coffee shop, just to show they got it.

Script kiddies are usually just annoying, but can sometimes be dangerous. For quick tips on keeping yourself safe from script kiddies, check out our Security Minute videos.